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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

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Star Wreck at Assembly

The Star Wreck crew will be at Assembly'06, come see us at our stand and hear < href="">Timo's keynote about internet movies. We'll also be at Ropecon and Finncon.

Assembly is one of the largest demo parties in the world, gathering some 6600 visitors in 2003. We will have a stand where we'll be hanging out during the four days of the festival. Timo will be giving a keynote speech on internet movies.

Ropecon is Finland's role playing convention. On average it gathers over 3000 visitors every year. This year we'll be there to show Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning - with a twist. The team will provide a live commentary track for the movie. We'll also release the Star Wreck RPG and there will be programme relating to that.

The last of the big finnish festivals is Finncon/Animecon, which is the finnish national science fiction convention. Unlike most conventions around the world it's free for all. The last Finncon in Jyväskylä gathered some 5000 visitors during two days and more are expected to attend this year. Timo will attend a panel titled "Make it yourself Hollywood" with other finnish filmmakers. We'll also be releasing new info about Iron Sky.

24.7.2006 by Rigi

"An epic film about the emperor of the world in the far reaches of the galaxy."

Star Wreck is a feature-length science fiction parody made in Finland. The film took seven years to make, but in the end we had a film with amazing special effects, action and lots of dark humor.

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Star Wreck is an Energia productions film
sponsored by HP
Hosting by Nebula

Creative Commons Lisenssi

Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning is a parody made by fans of Star Trek® and Babylon 5®. Star Trek and Babylon 5 are trademarks of their respective owners. Star Wreck -In the Pirkinning- is an independent parody and is not endorsed by the trademark owners mentioned above.

We have great respect for all those who have worked with on the series that have inspired us to create this film. Our team consists of a few guys who all worked for free on this movie over the last 7 years. The movie was made with no commercial intentions and is available for free download over the internet. All the material seen on film was produced by the film crew and no aliens or space ships were harmed during the filming.