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Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

  Imperial Edition  
Imperial Edition DVD for 14.90e

Get the Imperial Edition DVD and see the film like never before.

Subtitled in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Klingon.

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Want to watch Star Wreck with subtitles in a language that's not on the DVD? It's a bit complicated but Google will provide plenty of instructions. Check them out and download the subtitles here.

To view subtitles with Windows Media Player you need to install a DirectShow filter. Download DirectVobSub.

Official subtitles

English (.srt) The English subtitles as a separate file.

Finnish (.srt) The Finnish subtitles as a separate file.

Swedish (.srt) The Swedish subtitles as a separate file.

Translation resources

Annotated translation (.pdf) More detailed translation for creating subtitles.

Translations Wiki - MaxFun's wiki for Star Wreck translation projects.

Message board - Our message board for discussion about the subtitles.

List of subtitles - Jengelh's list of known subtitles.


There are several unofficial translations available. We don't take any responsibility about the content or the quality of these subtitles, since none of them are translated by us. But if we don't have subtitles in your language we suggest trying these.

Arabic (.srt) Arabic subtitles by Elsayed Taha.

Bulgarian (.srt) Bulgarian subtitles by Ivailo Minkov.

Catalan (.srt) Catalan subtitles by Moisès Burset.

Chinese (traditional) (.srt) Chinese subtitles by garibaldi & max.

Croatian (.srt) Croatian subtitles by Marin Susic.

Czech (.srt) Czech subtitles by

Dutch (.srt) Dutch subtitles by Vincent Voois.

French (.srt) French subtitles by François Pellegrini.

German (.srt) German subtitles by Andreas Fischer.

German 2 (.srt) German subtitles by Jan Engelhardt.

German 3 (.srt) Detailed German subtitles by Jan Engelhardt.

Greek (.srt) Greek subtitles by Universal pathways magazine.

Greek (.srt) Greek subtitles by Spiros Geropoulos.

Hebrew (.srt) Hebrew subtitles by Vered Klein.

Hungarian (.srt) Hungarian subtitles by Nocadlee.

Japanese (.srt) Japanese subtitles by Pres Nevins.

Klingon (.srt) Klingonese subtitles by Kalle Brisland.

Lithuanian (.srt) Lithuanian subtitles by Inraja.

Polish (.srt) Polish subtitles by Alien.

Portugese (.srt) Brazilian portugese subtitles by Theles Luciano Silveira.

Serbian (.srt) Serbian subtitles by Nemanja Màric.

Spanish (.srt) Spanish subtitles by Jacobo.

Spanish (.srt) Spanish subtitles by yoyo.

New subtitles are made frequently, so all of them might not be listed on this page yet. There is a very thorough list about all the known fansubs at Jengelh's site. You should also visit the Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning translations Wiki.

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